Hello everyone! My name is Gerry Pettyjohn. I am a professional Christian therapist specializing in sex addiction and infidelity counselling. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, a Master of Arts degree in counselling, a certification for sexual recovery therapy (CSRT) and I am a member of the Professional Association of Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapists with the designation of "Certified Professional Counsellor." My counselling practice is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I offer individual counselling and marriage counselling by telephone or in-person.

As a professional counsellor, I have the privilege of guiding people through a process of understanding sex addiction, utilizing tools to escape the trap, repairing damage caused by unhealthy sexual behaviours and healing past hurts to achieve long-term mental health. Every day, it amazes me how God takes the explosive consequences of sex addiction and infidelity and uses them as opportunities for people to obtain personal and relational healing. I have witnessed many people break free of unhealthy sexual behaviours. Not only that, marriages that looked impossible to repair have been miraculously healed and made stronger than they were previously. Marriage counselling has become a passion of mine. My therapeutic approach has been shaped from several perspectives...(read more).