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The news hurts. You didn’t wake up expecting your day to unfold like this. It is so unfair. We’ve helped many people navigate this storm and want to help you next. Unlike what your gut instinct may be, and despite what Hollywood models for you, there is a path to reconciliation. And even if that path is blocked right now, there is a path to a peace surpassing all understanding for you amidst this calamity. Let us help you through this. Take the first step and watch the video. Then fill out the form. Let us help.


Have you been sexually betrayed by your partner? There is help and hope at Living in Freedom Therapy. Upon the exposure or disclosure of your partner's sexual behaviours, lies, secrets and cover-ups, you will have crashed into a trauma pit of emotions. Those feelings will escalate and de-escalate like a roller coaster from minute to minute and hour to hour. You are experiencing sexual betrayal trauma with all the same symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. At Living in Freedom Therapy, you will receive compassionate care to help you navigate the stormy waters of sexual betrayal. Gerry is equipped to help you heal from the emotional wounds. The counselling will help you deal with anger, journey through a grieving process and re-build self worth. You will also have all those "WHY" and "HOW" and "WHAT" questions answered. Why did he do this? How could he do this? What am I supposed to do now?

Sexual recovery therapy helps both the perpetrator and the partner understand the "WHY" and provides a proven strategy to overcome the problem. Partner's counselling helps you to heal from sexual betrayal and gives you step-by-step actions to take so you are not feeling lost as you go through your day to day activities. Sometimes there are difficult decisions to make and Gerry will help you to process those decisions and set healthy boundaries to keep you safe. To begin your counselling program to overcome sexual betrayal, give Gerry a call or text at 204-292-5058. He does individual counselling with both the perpetrator and the partner. Later on, he does marriage counselling to help you establish a brand new marriage.

"Sexual betrayal has little to no rival when it comes to creating emotional chaos. I have sat with hundreds of women (and a few men) who have been devastated by the sexual misbehaviour of their partners. The anger is volcanic. The sorrow is overwhelming. The mistrust seems irreversible. The insecurity is paralyzing. Some partners have been vaguely aware of their spouse's infidelities. Other partners are completely blind-sided by the exposure of sexual secrets. Upon exposure or disclosure, the partner's soul explodes and she develops all the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. She can't stop thinking about it. She experiences a roller coaster of feelings minute by minute and hour by hour. She becomes paranoid and is constantly checking up on the perpetrator by peppering him with questions, looking at his phone, investigating his internet usage, etc. These are almost impossible circumstances to handle without professional help. I am passionate about offering specialized help to these hurting partners." Gerry Pettyjohn MA, CSRT

"I carried you on eagles' wings and brought you to Myself" (Exodus 19:4).